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How to add a product
In this Howto Tutorial you will learn how to set up a product in few simple steps! Just follow the steps below and you won't experience any issues.

First Step:

Navigate to " Products" -> "Add Product".

Second Step:

On "Product" tab enter your products information, choose a set of pictures and add your product to public listing if you wish.

Third Step:

Set a payment callback URL's. (Optional)

Fourth Step:

Choose a way to deliver your product and/or serial key.


Fifth Step:

Choose or create a perfect template for your page. 

We're finished with the most important steps and your product is ready to go! Click on "Add Product" to finalize and add your product. Adding surveys, coupons, regional restrictions and SCI can be easily configured. If you are willing to use the SCI please visit How to use SCI.